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Affordable Weight Loss & Management Program – Dallas, TX

Join Our Budget-Friendly Weight Loss
& Weight Management Program

Millions of Americans spend countless dollars trying to lose weight, but at Designs for Wellness, we’re able to help our patients shed the pounds and keep them off for just one down payment of $175 followed by 5 monthly payments of $25. This includes two sets of lab work and either in-person or phone meetings with Dr. T. Our affordable weight loss and management program in Dallas, TX is put together by Dr. Tyuluman, and our team at Designs for Wellness has already helped thousands of patients over the years, without all the fad diets or gimmick workouts that have become associated with weight loss. This lifestyle change is backed by science and is proven to deliver results, and getting started is nice and easy as well.

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Step 1 - In-Office Visit
or Teleconsultation

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You’ll meet with Dr. Tyuluman and have a chance to discuss your situation and personal goals. Don’t worry, we’ll never judge you for your current size—we’re only concerned with helping you! During this appointment, we’ll also take your basic bloodwork, which we can do in-office or through a local lab. This will enable us to learn about your various hormone levels and insulin, as being able to control and regulate both are absolutely essential to weight loss.

Step 2 - Appetite Suppressant +
Lifestyle Plan

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You’ll be given MetFormin, an FDA-approved medication that helps curb cravings, and you’ll be put on a customized nutrition, sugar detox, and intermittent fasting program. For most people, an excess of sugar, or fructose, in their diet is at the core of why they are putting on weight/can’t lose weight. Many people are unaware of all the added sugar in the foods they are eating, particularly the ones that don’t taste sweet. And, with intermittent fasting, this causes the body to regularly release a burst of growth hormone, which causes the body to burn fat and build lean muscle mass at the same time.

Step 3 - 6-Month
& RX Refill

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Every six months, you’ll visit with Dr. Tyuluman so he can monitor your progress, look at your bloodwork, make adjustments, and give you a 180-day MetFormin refill. We understand that losing weight and making changes to one’s daily life isn’t an easy process, so if you end up backsliding, don’t worry, you’ll never get a guilt trip from us. We’ll simply help you get back on track. The best part about this program is once you get into the swing of things, your new habits will prevent the lost weight from ever coming back!