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Patient Stories - Dallas, TX

Patient Stories

We’re incredibly proud to be able to help our patients begin and complete their weight-loss journey. As you can see below, Designs for Wellness has many stories from patients to tell, and we hope that you find them inspiring and encouraging enough to pursue treatment for yourself. We appreciate them taking the time to highlight their experiences at the practice and are honored to be a part of their goals to achieve positive physical health!

Meet Denise

"In March 2019 I made up my mind that I was going to come to Dr. Tyuluman. I work with a girl that told me about his sugar detox, so I reached out to the office and set up an appointment. I had tried many different avenues, the keto diet and some that I can’t even remember to name. I’m so glad that I took that step. I feel so good now that I am off of sugar and eating healthier more wisely. When I first came in I was weighing 200 pounds my goal is to be at 130. I am working my way to that point I’m not getting in any rush because I don’t want to gain any of it back it is difficult at times because you want to have that pizza or eat that hamburger but you have to set your mind that you look better you feel better and your clothes look even better so don’t give up it is worth every pound you lose."

Denise - Patient Story