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NovaSure® Uterine Ablation – Dallas, TX

Relief From Heavy, Painful Periods in Just 5 Minutes

For many women, their period is just a once a month inconvenience, but for others, it severely interferes with their life. Do you experience very heavy bleeding during your menstrual cycle? Are you stuck at home with severe cramps or pain that prevents you from going to work or taking care of your family? Roughly 1 in 5 women will experience these kinds of symptoms, and in the past, many were told that the only solution was a hysterectomy. Thankfully, Designs for Wellness is now able to offer a much less invasive treatment with NovaSure uterine ablation in Dallas, TX. In as little as 5 minutes and with virtually no discomfort, we can remove the root cause of the problem and help you start a new, unrestricted chapter of your life.

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Why Choose Designs for Wellness for NovaSure® Uterine Ablation Treatment?

  • Treatment Literally Takes 5 Minutes
  • Results Are Immediate
  • Able to Stop Heavy Bleeding & Painful Periods for Good

Who Should Consider NovaSure?

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It’s perfectly normal for a woman to experience heavy bleeding either throughout their entire period or for a few days, but, if the flow is to the point that it continually soaks through pads and tampons and into clothes, then NovaSure can offer help. It can also stop particularly painful periods that disrupt someone’s daily life. Every year, millions of women miss work due to pronounced menstrual problems, but NovaSure can help eliminate these symptoms entirely.

What is NovaSure Uterine Ablation?

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In most cases, the source of problematic periods is the uterine lining. The NovaSure procedure involves giving the patient a local anesthetic, and the cervix is slightly dilated. Then, a small probe is inserted into the uterus. There, it exposes the uterine lining to radiofrequency energy for about 90 seconds that basically causes it to evaporate. A patient will feel nothing while in the chair, and when this process is over, the probe is removed. Afterward, a patient may experience slight cramping, nausea, and spotting, but these should be minor and stop after just a few days.

Who Should NOT Get NovaSure

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The NovaSure procedure is only recommended for women who have difficult periods due to relatively benign causes. It is NOT recommended for those who may have uterine cancer, a genital, urinary, or pelvic infection, or someone who has an IUD.

It is also important that a patient is finished childbearing prior to getting the procedure. While it is still possible to get pregnant after undergoing NovaSure, the removal of the uterine lining makes it quite perilous for both mother and child. Because of this, prior to getting this treatment, our team will discuss contraceptive options with you that will safeguard your ongoing health.

Get Your Life Back

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If you often feel held hostage by your period, then NovaSure can offer the solution you’ve been waiting for. The relief it provides has been shown to last a lifetime, and all that’s needed is one appointment that can take as little as 15 minutes from check-in to checkout. To learn more about NovaSure and see if it would be right for you, contact Designs for Wellness today.