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Breast Cancer Prevention Treatments – Dallas, TX

Lower Your Risk For Breast Cancer

No matter who you are, your life has probably been affected by breast cancer, whether it was your parent, your sibling, a friend, or even yourself. This disease is found in thousands of women and men every year, and many end up dying because it was detected too late. Breast cancer prevention treatments in Dallas, TX are always the best method to handle any ailment, and recent research has shown that a person’s testosterone level can greatly influence their risk for breast cancer. With this in mind, the team at Designs for Wellness can help patients stay safe by providing hormone replacement therapy, ensuring someone’s testosterone level stays within a healthy range so they can remain fit and disease-free as the years go by.

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Why Choose Designs for Wellness for Breast Cancer Prevention?

  • Nearly 30 Years of Experience Providing Hormone Therapy
  • Team That Keeps Up with the Latest Breast Cancer Research
  • Impressive Track Record of Breast Cancer Prevention

Who is At Risk for Breast Cancer?

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Both men and women are at risk of developing breast cancer. Family history and genetics play significant roles in the occurrence of breast cancer. However, the most significant contributor to cancer is alcohol. Alcohol interferes with the maintenance of your genes and is the single most significant contributor to breast cancer.

Women who have three alcoholic drinks per week have a 15% higher risk of breast cancer. Experts estimate that the risk of breast cancer goes up another 10% for each additional drink. For women who have never had breast cancer, a daily glass of wine increases their breast cancer risk by 55% and the risk of dying from breast cancer by 20% . Regular drinking — even as little as two or three drinks a week — raises breast cancer risk significantly.

Breast Cancer Prevention with Hormone Treatments

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The National Institutes of Health reported in a recent study that the risk of breast cancer can be reduced as much as 10-fold if testosterone is kept in a mid-normal range throughout someone’s life. Since 1990, our practice has treated approximately 2,500 patients with testosterone, and interestingly, not one has developed breast cancer. Hopefully, clinical trials will be done to establish this as a universal preventive measure. We strongly recommend testing-free testosterone for women using oral contraceptives who are over thirty and all women over 40. Testosterone can be supplemented with a simple cream applied to the skin.

When Prevention Fails – Early Cancer Detection Saves Lives

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The PAP smear, self-examination, and mammography can detect changes in the body that may indicate cancer. These screening tests are the basis of preventive care. Genetic testing is now available for those who are at risk for cancers of the breast and colon. Many other advances in genetic medicine will provide even more specific testing to warn those who are at high risk.