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Obesity in the United States: What You Need to Know

December 18, 2019

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a man holding a measuring tape around his exposed stomachIt should come as no surprise that the obesity epidemic in the United States is on the rise. With fast food on every corner, children (and adults) staying indoors instead of playing outdoors because of technological advancements, and food that is packed with preservatives and other harmful additives, the numbers will continue to increase with each passing year. If you find that you are one of the millions who is struggling to lose weight and keep it off, it’s time to learn more about this prevalent problems and why finding help at a weight loss center in Dallas might just be the solution for you.


Discover the Connection Between Alcohol Consumption and Breast Cancer

December 6, 2019

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a woman holding her head in her hands with an alcoholic drink in front of herHaving a glass of wine every night might help you relax from a busy day at work, but did you know that it can raise your risk for developing breast cancer by 55%? While it may seem harmless, regular consumption of alcohol is the most significant contributor to this deadly disease, which can affect both men and women. In an effort to help you stay safe and healthy for years to come, your OB/GYN offers breast cancer prevention in Dallas. Read on to find out more about these useful treatments and how they can help you remain disease-free as you age.