Thirty years of experience makes Dr. T one of the leading experts in designing programs that help patients restore their youth and vitality

These proven programs enhance weight loss, energy levels, mood, sexual health, and have been shown to dramatically reduce the risk for cancer and increase longevity.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Pelvic Relaxation- Vaginal rejuvenation

DFW Hormones uses temperature-controlled radio-frequency system, THERMIva. This state of the art therapy can restore the strength of the vagina, reduce or eliminate incontinent episodes, reduce vaginal volume, and improve sensation and functionality without surgery. THERMIva is an in office procedure with minimal, if any, recovery time.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

For thirty years Dr. T put together programs for weight loss, hormone imbalance, sexual dysfunction many couples experience, and life style changes that reduce the risk for cancer.  

Designs For Wellness gives Bio-Identical hormones to men and women to bring the balance back into their life and their family.  Our experience and researchers at the NIH,  have shown that methods used by Designs For Wellness reduce the risk for breast cancer.

Sugar Detox Program

Sugar is addicting and to manage this addiction we have a SUGAR DETOX program that helps reduce the cravings for sugar, reduces body fat, and releases HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE naturally.   It is NOT A DIET but a LIFE STYLE CHANGE we promote.  So that your future will be healthier without dieting or counting calories. 

Contact the office for more details about the program.  It is covered by most insurances.

Cancer Prevention

The race for the cure would be unnecessary if the cancer never came in the first place.  

Our focus is PREVENTION and very early detection if a cancer should arise.

The Sugar Detox Program makes use of Metformin, a herb based medication that has shown over many years to reduce the risk for many types of cancers and slow cell division, which increases longevity.  

Reducing the risk for breast cancer specifically

Testosterone (which both men and women produce) reduced the risk of breast cancer by slowing down breast cell division in the breast.  It is important to check the testosterone level for anyone over 40, past menopause or over 30 on birth control.  Many studies, many done by the National Institute of Health (NIH), have shown the risk for breast cancer may drop as much as 400% if your testosterone level kept at mid-range throughout your life.

Self breast examination, if done properly and regularly, will detect early breast cancer not seen on mammography

Mammography misses 1 of every 3 breast cancers.  The missed cancers are dividing very rapidly and can lead to stage 4 disease within months.  At Designs For Wellness we teach a proven effective self examination made part of your daily routine.  If these high mitotic rate tumors are found as stage I, extensive treatment may not be necessary, since these rapidly growing cancers don't metastasize.