Cancer Prevention and Screening


The NIH reports in a recent study based on the results of the WHI that breast cancer incidence is reduced as much as 10 fold (390/100,000 to 40/100,00) if testosterone kept in a mid normal range throughout life.  Dr. T has added testosterone to his hormone treatment protocal since 1990 - he has only treated 2,500 patients with this replacement therapy over the years, but interestingly, not one has developed breast cancer..    He strongly recommends testing free testosterone for women on OCP over thirty, women over 40.  If found to be low supplement it as indicated. 

Early Cancer Detection Saves Lives...

The PAP smear, breast examination and mammography, as well as colon cancer screening detect changes in the body that lead to cancer.   These screening tests are the basis of preventive care.  Genetic testing is now available for those who are at risk for cancers of the breast and colon.  Many other advances in genetic medicine will provide even more specific testing to treat those who are at high risk.