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kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer by Minna Life

kGoal is the world's first interactive training system for pelvic floor exercise.

Introducing A Revolution In Pelvic Floor Health...

Pelvic floor muscles are a critical part of a healthy body and can affect health and happiness in many ways. However, tools to help women exercise and manage them are extremely lacking. kGoal is the world's first smart Kegel trainer: it is a device + app that provides a fun, interactive platform to guide, measure and track your pelvic floor exercise. It's like having a personalized gym, physical therapist, and tracking system in the palm of your hand!

Why Are Pelvic Floor Muscles Important?

Strong pelvic floor muscles are a vital part of a healthy body. In particular, they are crucial in the following contexts:

  • Pregnancy: they are critically important during and after pregnancy, both in helping the body manage changes arising from the pregnancy and also in recovering more readily after birth.
  • Bladder control: they control the bladder and can prevent incontinence caused by stress, post-partum effects, aging, or other factors. Over 76% of women experience incontinence issues at some point in their life - strong pelvic floor muscles can prevent or resolve many of these problems without the complications of surgery.
  • Musculoskeletal stability: they support abdominal organs and provide stability for the entire pelvic region and lower spine; when weak or unstable they can cause back and pelvic pain.
  • Pleasure: they are an important part of a healthy sexual response for women. Strong pelvic floor muscles can enhance arousal and improve sensation, orgasm quality, and general sexual experience. 

Whether you’re looking to resolve a health issue, prevent future problems, or just enhance your happiness and enjoyment of your body, healthy pelvic floor muscles can play a key role. However, despite their importance, tools to help exercise and manage them are extremely lacking. That’s where kGoal comes in...

What Is kGoal?

The first tools for evaluating pelvic floor muscle strength were invented in the late 1940s using an air pressure balloon and a tire gauge. Sadly, the technology used has not progressed much since. However, the landscape is changing quickly. Personal health tracking tools like Fitbit or Jawbone UP have exploded in popularity by putting knowledge about the body directly into users' hands. Likewise, improving technology has now made it possible to create a much better pelvic floor muscle exercise system.

kGoal is the world's first smart Kegel trainer and functions as both an exercise tool and a performance monitoring and guidance system. It measures the force exerted by squeezing your pelvic floor muscles and can communicate that information back to you via a phone and/or the device itself. Using the device and corresponding app is like having a personalized gym, physical therapist, and tracking system by your side whenever you want.

What Makes kGoal Unique?

kGoal has a number of revolutionary features that make it a groundbreaking advance in pelvic floor health. In particular, kGoal gives you the ability to:

  • Get real time biofeedback: pelvic floor muscles are often controlled subconsciously, and studies have shown that over 30% of women are not able to correctly contract their pelvic floor muscles without direct feedback (instead, they will often flex their abs, glutes, or inner thighs). kGoal's ability to provide real time feedback via touch, sight and sound can help you make sure you're doing the exercises correctly.
  • Guide your workout: our team of expert physical therapists and doctors has helped us develop algorithms to suggest exercise plans that are tailored to you and based on your current capabilities.
  • Track your performance: kGoal can measure and keep track of everything from muscle strength to endurance to which exercises you did and when you did them. Being able to look at how your body changes over time can help you (and your doctor or therapist) better understand your body and optimize your health.
  • Be comfortable: since kGoal's squeezable pillow is squishy and has a vent to adjust the air pressure, you can tailor the fit to your body's unique anatomy, even as it changes over time.
  • Make exercise fun: let's face it... exercise can be boring. A smart device can make it way more interesting, and we're even working on games and other interactions to make pelvic floor exercise more engaging. We know that motivation can be a huge challenge with exercise, and it was vital for us to create an experience that doesn't feel like a chore.

How Does kGoal Work?

Using kGoal is really simple. There are two halves of the system:

  • kGoal device
  • kGoal app

The main section of kGoal is a squeezable pillow that is inserted into the vagina. Since it's squishy, it conforms to a wide variety of anatomies, and you can use the vent to let air in or out and further optimize the fit. Once in place, the pillow can measure squeezing of your pelvic floor muscles, and there is also a motor for providing real time vibrational biofeedback.

The arm stays outside the body and holds kGoal in place. It is also the basic interface, with the button, status light, and charging plug. In addition, it has a second vibrational feedback motor that can be used together with or instead of the motor in the pillow.

The other key element of the system is the app. It communicates with and can control kGoal wirelessly and it's also where you can find your exercise history and suggested workouts. However, if you don't have your phone handy, don't worry - many of kGoal's features are available without having the app connected.

Finally, kGoal comes with a travel-friendly USB charger and is splash resistant for easy cleaning. And, most importantly, it is totally body-safe - it's made with Class VI medical grade silicone that is 100% phthalate free.


We've been getting great feedback from our test users. Here are a few snapshots:

It's like Fitbit for your pelvic floor muscles.... awesome. - M.V.

I love being able to keep track of how I'm doing - seeing improvement is really motivating. - R.S.

It's amazing, I can actually feel how hard I'm squeezing, which makes such a difference.-A.J.

We've also been working with a leading pelvic floor physical therapist in San Francisco on kGoal. Liz Miracle runs her own pelvic floor physical therapy practice and is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California San Francisco School of Physical Therapy. Here's what she has to say:

"kGoal is an innovative product that will be instrumental in pelvic floor strengthening for women. It’s the first product that can provide tactile feedback, through vibration, of a woman’s ability to perform a correct pelvic floor contraction. I've found women are more likely to adhere to an exercise program when given a realistic, interesting exercise routine using biofeedback. kGoal is motivational, helping women achieve goals by providing real time biofeedback and the ability to track progress over time. Not only that, but we finally have a product meant to fit women of different sizes. kGoal is truly breaking down barriers to pelvic floor strengthening, helping women feel empowered."

Who We Are

kGoal was developed by Minna Life, a startup in San Francisco that includes a group of designers, engineers, and health experts who share a sense of frustration with the lack of well-designed, high quality sexual health products available.

Our design philosophy is simple: technology should make the world less complicated. We believe that great products are so intuitive, so fluid in the way they improve the human experience, that you hardly know they're there. We have worked extremely hard to make using kGoal as simple and natural as possible.

Our team has a deep level of experience in product development and manufacturing, and has successfully developed and launched two previous products on budget and on time, including our second product via crowd funding campaign last year. We are well aware of the many pitfalls that can derail the launch of hardware products and, based on our previous experience, we are confident that we will be able to deliver kGoal on time.

For more information on how to support kGoal visit: