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National Wear Red Day

This Friday is  National Wear Red Day, but the whole month of February is a time to reflect on the important issue of women's heart health. Each year heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women, killing about one woman every 80 seconds.

This silent killer is caused by a combination of factors including age, lifestyle, overall health, and family history – all of which contribute to raising a woman's risk. While you cannot change such things as age or biological makeup, the good news is that even minor changes to your diet and lifestyle can improve your heart health, and lower your risk by as much as 80%. 

To discuss simple lifestyle changes that help reduce the risk of heart disease contact Dr. Tyuluman of DFW Hormones (DESIGNS FOR WELLNESS™) today: 

Phone: (214) 368-3755

Some areas we can help you with include:

  • Superfoods for your Heart

  • Tips for lowering Cholesterol

  • Healthy Recipes for a Healthy Life

  • Vitamins & Supplements – why they're the perfect complement to any diet