The chemical TPHP, found in fire retardant, plastic hardener and nail polish, may be harmful to the body by altering hormone regulation, metabolism and reproductive systems.

Julia Lurie for Mother Jones reports that Duke University and theEnvironmental Working Group did a study on animals and found that the chemicals were able to seep through the nails and filter through the body.

Best selling brands such as Sally HansenOPI and Revlon all contain this harmful substance.

The study  concluded that the chemical most likely entered the body via the cuticles, as opposed to the airways, when polish is applied to the fingernails.

Since the studies and  experiments were done on animals, it is not positive that these chemicals are harmful to humans.

However, this news should be alarming  to nail polish wearers out there!

It is also quite disturbing that these tests are being done on animals, but that’s a subject for another time.