Before Minney the mouse was born some researchers back in 2008 knocked out her insulin receptor gene– which made her insulin resistant.  Minney and Martha started out life in the same way.  Same exercise wheels, same food, same day and night time routine, exactly the same number of calories every day.  At the end of six months Minney and Martha were photographed.

Even though Minney ate no more and was just as active as Martha – Minney had twice the fat as Martha and no matter how little she ate, everything continued to go into fat storage.   One day the scientists started an experiment and stopped feeding Minney for period of 24-72 hours.  She stopped gaining weight and soon started losing and lived happily ever after, skipping a few meals twice a week.   Intermittent fasting has been studied ever since.  End of story.

Insulin – a hormone that is fantastically efficient at storing fat is produced in increasing amounts as we gain weight.  Insulin resistance plays a central role in weight gain, obesity, and the metabolic syndrome; an epidemic with our abundant life style.  As Minney has learned, insulin resistance can be reversed with intermittent fasting.  This is a lifestyle change that involves taking a break from eating twice a week.

Try this to lower insulin resistance:

For two days a week reduce intake to less than 500 cal.

1.      Select two convenient days – Monday and Thursday seem to be the most logical. 

2.      Have dinner Sunday night and eat less than 500 cal until dinner on Monday night – most think it is easier to just skip breakfast and lunch and wait for Monday dinner.

3.      Have dinner Wednesday night and eat less than 500 cal until dinner on Thursday – or just skip breakfast and lunch and have Thursday dinner.

4.      Eat your normal amounts and foods on the remaining days.   Avoid a high sugar diet which increases appetite, and over time leads to diabetes and heart disease.

5.      If you need an appetite suppressant to get through the fasting days, call us. 

6.      If this does not give good results, the addition of Metformin can lower insulin resistance.  Other special medication such as Adiponectin injections can be used to break insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome.