Trouble losing weight?

This Doctor says it's not your fault






How a Dallas doctor is breaking the mold to help his patients look and feel their best.

 So you don’t look and feel as good as you once did.  Who does, right?  I know I don’t.  Getting older, and the problems that come along with it, makes us face a set of troubles that we weren’t used to once upon a time.  These days I can’t spend the weekend eating sushi rolls and drinking wine without facing the harsh consequence of my jeans not fitting properly Monday morning.  And it seems that I can’t make it to 2:00 pm without craving a nap.  There must be something wrong with me! 

Well one Dallas Doctor, Samuel Tyuluman, agrees that there is something wrong, but assures me that it’s not my fault.  Some, if not all, of my newly-acquired afflictions can be attributed to my hormones.  So I’m not just fat and lazy?  Awesome! 

Sugar addiction, says Dr. Tyuluman, is at the root of many of these problems.  Many patients who are treated by the doctor in his Clinic in the North Dallas healthcare Mecca, The Carrell Clinic, start by going through what Dr. Tyuluman refers to as a “Sugar Detox.”  We have all heard of fad detox diets that supposedly rid the body of various toxins, but this is a different.  Think detox as in the type of detox one would undergo in drug or alcohol treatment.   According to studies cited by Dr. Tyuluman, or Dr. T. as his patients fondly refer to him, sugar can be more addictive than cocaine or heroin. 

“Grehlin, a hormone produced by our stomach that commands us to eat is much, much more powerful than dopamine, the hormone associated with addictions to cocaine or heroin,” says Dr. T. 

Now my mind has been blown.  All this time I thought I just liked to have a bowl of ice cream every night, I didn’t realize I was a sugar junkie!

Dr. T. goes on, “If Grehlin’s effects are not controlled you would eat continuously.  Fortunately, your body balances this with an opposing hormone, Leptin, that is produced by your fat cells.  Leptin is the satiety hormone..  Sugar, which is put in practically every prepared food, prevents Leptin from suppressing Grehlin leading to overeating and obesity.  This is an addictive pattern, a very powerful one.  Sugar has been shown in animal studies to be more addictive than cocaine.”

So Leptin is the hormone that makes you feel full.  It’s all making sense now, there’s a vicious cycle going on here, and it all starts with sugar.

“First and foremost,” Says Dr. T. “we have to reduce the sugar addiction.  If we can break the addiction, it goes a long way to make us healthier and happier, it lowers our risk for diabetes and heart disease, and reduces weight gain, among many other things.”

Controlling and balancing your levels of Grehlin and Leptin is essential to starting to solve some of our weight issues, but that particular hormone imbalance may not be the only culprit.  Follicular Stimulating Hormone, or FSH is another jerk of a hormone that contributes to weight gain.

“As women go through menopause, they seem to gain weight.  That’s because FSH is associated with resistance to fat metabolism.  So if you allow FSH levels to get very high, you’re not going to burn fat like you did before menopause.”

This is another hormone imbalance that Dr. Tyuluman puts squarely in his crosshairs, and makes an effort to treat in his patients who need it. 

After reading about this, you are probably wondering how it all works.  I want to break my sugar addiction and lose weight, now how do I do it? 

It all starts with an appointment with Dr. Tyuluman at Designs for Wellness.  You’ll meet with the doctor himself - never with a PA or Nurse Practitioner - who will design a plan after a thorough evaluation.   Dr T. has more than a dozen patients who have lost 50 or more pounds over the last six months by implementing a true lifestyle change.  Dr. Tyuluman and his team at Designs for Wellness gives his patients the jump start and the road map, and the results motivate them to make this a lifestyle change, not a short-term diet. 

And weight loss and sugar addiction is just scratching the surface.  Hormones control everything from energy and mood, to emotions and sexual health.  Dr Tyuluman has dedicated his practice to “restoring youth and vitality,” as he puts it, and weight loss is just the beginning.

If you want to learn more, or schedule a visit with Dr. Tyuluman at Designs for Wellness, please call 214-368-3755.